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our main goal is serving the best Ghanaian food to everyone!

T H E  B E S T  Q U A L I T Y

Mama Gee's opened it's doors for business on February 18, 2013 and has since served the best Ghanaian food you will find in the Carolinas. At Mama Gee's we provide great quality food while maintaining cleanliness, friendly customer service, and reasonable prices. 

O U R  S T A N D A R D S

Mama Gee's is a family owned and operated takeout restaurant. You will always interact with a Mama Gee family member on every visit. Our success is built on the basics: high-quality food, experience and sincere hospitality. We invite you to join us for a meal as we bring you a taste of Ghana in every meal.


Absolutely love Ghanaian cuisine and this is the spot to get it! Also to add it's always clean and everyone is welcoming.


-Suga Bay


I've been going here for food for maybe 3 years now. It's always good and the people there are always very friendly and personable. One of my top places in the whole city.


-Noble Son


I cannot stop coming to this place.

The food is so good.

Every meal is amazing!


-Trisha Green

M E E T  T H E  F A M I L Y

Kobbi (Co-Owner), Kingsley, Cici, Faustina, Eva, Mama Gee (Owner), Papa Gee (Owner), Sam